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super_juicy's Journal

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I love pomegranates. I hate eggplant. I’ve recently developed a liking for the previously distasteful and aptly named “slime soup”. I graduated from college with a fairly useless degree, which has, in turn, prompted me to get a further degree (and probably an equally useless one) at the Masters level. I am now the proud owner (well almost) of a shiny, framed, and lovely scripted piece of paper that proclaims that I am smart. Sometimes I’d like to tell people otherwise.

I’m a walking contradiction. I like all sorts of things I probably shouldn’t, and loathe lots of things I should probably like. I’m funny, sarcastic, and am often described as “weird, but in a good way”. I’ve learned to take that as a compliment.

I love to read, I would read all day if I could, all sorts of different things; books, newspapers, magazines, thick tomes on some strange psychological disorder that has yet to be proven to exist, medical newsletters delivered to my parents’ house that document strange afflictions complete with diagnostic pictures. I will happily eschew great works of fiction to instead read children’s books. I’ll spend hours reading a great work of fiction as opposed to watching TV. Though I do enjoy a good TV show, I do. Especially those on the travel channel.

I travel a lot. I was born overseas. I have family all over the world. I have seen more of Europe than I have the United States, where I live. I would move to England in a snap and often think about abandoning all things that I am currently doing to up and spend a year traveling, staying in hostels, and visiting various relatives that have probably forgotten me.

I love the word hyperboles, and lackadaisical, and supercilious. I am addicted to email and to tripadvisor.com.

I also love shoes. And scrabble. Did you know that properly placed the word quixotic can earn you 365 points?